Hello internet!

Me 2016: “I’m not going to start a blog like everyone else that moves to London, I’ll have nothing to say.”


Thanks for clicking some link that I’ve posted all around the web for strangers (and some friends) to find. I’m Nikola-Anne, a twenty-something Australian, travelling at every oppurtunity, and posting all of my travel pictures on Instagram. Originally from Sydney, i left for university in Newcastle, started my teaching career in a country town called Griffith before departing overseas to London. Now i’m back in Australia, setting up in Melbourne and seeing what adventures are closer to home. I’ve travelled to more than 27 countries and 65 cities and, as you may have guessed by now, I want to let you know about what I’ve learnt from my continuing travels and life abroad. If you’re down for that, welcome! If you’re not, thanks for reading this far & enjoy Hell (just kidding, but I’m pretty funny so you would be missing out).

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  1. xtian1692 says:

    Awesome stuff! Well done 😉


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