Budget Valentines Day in Paris

When you think couples city break on a tight budget, Paris doesn’t immediately come to mind, particularly around Valentine’s Day in the city of love. However my Valentine’s Day 2018 was spent doing exactly that!

Here’s what we did:

Cheap Eurostar fares
I’m always on the lookout for cheap fares and a month before had come across cheap fares for the Eurostar on weekdays. Luckily that included the UK February half term break, which we both had off. That then included February 14th, and so began planning a Valentine’s Day getaway.

Hotel close to a metro
Knowing what we wanted to fit into our two night getaway, we searched several websites to find the best deal relatively near our favourite sites, but with a closer proximity to a metro. Once we got our bearings and day pass for the metro, we had complete freedom to see whatever we wanted, and really made the most of our pass.

Seine River cruises
For something reasonably priced and somewhat romantic, we got tickets to go on a river cruise at night. A tour guide spoke in French and English as we sipped champagne and sat in our own row by the window. This was a special service just for Valentine’s Day and was made up of mainly couples, so the atmosphere was quiet and romantic, however regular services are available from several companies year round.

Parisian Cafe instead of fancy dinner

I’m not one for many fancy dinners, and not too invested in the idea of Valentine’s Day, however I did want to dress up and go to dinner. After a river cruise with Champagne we walked to an almost deserted Notre Dame for some tourist time before checking out the menus for a quiet cafe dinner. We ended up settling for a cafe which gave us a secluded window spot with candles, right across from Notre Dame. The prices were reasonable and allowed us to have escargot in addition to dinner and a shared dessert.

Picnic instead of lunch out
Dating a foodie with a habit for buying half, or all, of the patisserie nearby in addition to packed sandwiches from home meant that we didn’t need to fork out big money to eat with a view. When in Disneyland, near the Arc de Triumph or by the Seine, we would park ourselves down and eat with a view for less.

Roses by the street
There’s always venders along the busy streets of Paris trying to sell different memorabilia, but this time they were selling real and fake roses for cheap. Whilst mine didn’t survive the day, I had a cute token of love that will stay in pictures from our day of exploring.

If you’re on a tight budget but want to share Paris with a significant other, or alone, you can do it. Look out for cheap deals and build your trip around those dates. Enjoy lovers x

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