A love letter to London


I love the way you bring people from all walks of life together in their everyday life regardless of ethnicity, social class, language, sexuality, gender identity or income.

I love how easy it is to travel to so many parts of the world like Europe, Africa and North America.

But I also love flying back over the Thames knowing I’ve come back home.

I love that you are almost always a stop in everyone’s itinerary’s so there’s regularly a visitor from home.

I love that I never stop having my tourist moments.

I love how public transport is seen as the norm for everyone, rather than just those without cars.

I love that there is always something going on.

I love that the old and new blend together and are always picture perfect.

I love all of the pop ups. My instagram also loves this.

I love that, one way or another, there is always someone willing to do something new with.

I love your transport efficiency and how everyone gets mad waiting more than 3 minutes.

I love how green the city is, that I’m never too far from a nice park.

I love screaming “chipmunk!” really loudly regardless of how many times I’ve seen them.

I love that even some Londoners can’t understand cockney accents.

I love seeing dogs in pubs and trains.

I love how polite the train announcements are. And while I’m at it, how honest they are about delays.

I love how there’s one or ten apps for everything.

I love that I can get almost any cultural food in the world.

I love that each area has it own characteristics so it feels like you’re in a completely new city.

I love that at Wetherspoons I can order a drink or food to my table from an app rather than waiting in line.

I love that most parts of the city are still busy late on weeknights whilst everyone makes the most of their days.

I love the cute little badges people who need to sit down on public transport get to wear.

I love that any sort of sunshine is an excuse for drinks in the park or pub.

I love that anything remotely light is good enough reason to wear sunglasses.

I love that during Wimbledon everyone is suddenly a tennis fan.

I love that I can pop over to another country for a weekend of few days if I want.

I love that in any pub, the social rules of not interacting with strangers, doesn’t apply. Everyone is your mate.

I love that there is a festival for everything. Gin, bacon, cheese, etc.

I love that I can meet someone from the other side of the world in London and be so similar.

I love that bottomless brunches exist.

I love that the sun is up till ridiculous hours in summer. And how happy it makes people when the sun is shining.

I love how big rooftop bars are and how any bar on top of a building is better than a regular bar during summer.

I love how my walk to work was always good enough for the gram.

I love how, in a packed city, I had my own little space.

I love your secret bars and hideaways.

I love how everything can be paid by card.

I love how modern life is, but still everyone is fascinated with the Royal family.

I love how you connected me to bare acquaintances and made them friends.

I love how someone an hour or two away can have a completely different accent.

I love how you showed me to be happy, regardless of the money in my wallet.

I love how well dressed (almost) everyone is. You upped my fashion game.

I love that most museums are free so I have endless education & activities.

I love how hardworking people are.

I love that cheap unlimited data is a thing for mobile phones.

I love that I could choose a new market every weekend and still never get to them all.

I love that I could get anything delivered quickly to my door.

I love that regardless of how many thousands of us there are, being Aussie in London is still exotic to some people.

I love that there’s a celebration for anything, not just the big holidays.

But most importantly, i love you for giving me the best time of my life, so far. Even though I could focus on the negatives and the reasons I left, I love you London.

Love Nikola xx

What do you love about London? Let me know!

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