Why you should travel solo at least once in your life

Over the past few years I’ve travelled with friends, family, partners, tours, and solo. And while there are benefits to each, travelling solo is easily the most rewarding way to travel. If you haven’t or are maybe considering travelling by yourself, here are some of the reasons you need to try it:

Open to new friends

When you travel with someone already you have that safety net that doesn’t force you to make new friends. If you’re solo on a tour, you’ll most likely be paired to room with one or more people, an easy way to start the friend making process. Otherwise hostel rooms and common rooms as well as free walking tours are easy ways to make friends when you’re by yourself.

Stick to your own schedule and interests

Even if the person or people you’re travelling with are all similar to you, there will always be concessions that someone has to make. Travelling by yourself also means you can book travel that suits you, even on a whim, which is generally how I book most of my solo trips. Solo travelling means you can be selfish and do exactly what you want and/ or need to do.

Holiday romance barriers

Holiday romances are common and can be a lot of fun, unless you’re a third wheel, or your third wheel isn’t getting the hint. If you get lucky, you don’t need to worry about keeping your friend entertained or out of the way.

Alone time

Sometimes you don’t want to make small talk with people at 5am or anytime, and with a pair of headphones you don’t need to. Grab them and zone out or wander off by yourself. Either way, it’s nice to rejuvenate with some quality alone time.

Go out of your comfort zone

Before I travelled by myself, I would always get the person I was with to ask for directions or help. When I went off alone I was forced to fend for myself which was daunting at first. After awhile it became a natural thing to do and my confidence in my own abilities started to grow. If you’re shy or not winning in the adult department, travelling will force you to learn on your feet.

Your sleep schedule

Unless you’re in a noisy dorm room or on a tour, you’ll generally be able to set your own alarms, or lack thereof. This doesn’t sound like such a privilege, but after many 6am tour wake up calls, having an afternoon nap or sleep in without someone begging you to get up is my kind of luxury.

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