Ana- Living Out of a Suitcase

Welcome to the new section of my blog where i highlight some of the talented creatives that I’ve followed from around the world. These fortnightly posts will show just a small amount of the talent that is already out there, and hopefully promote more collaboration, rather than competition between creatives.

This week we’re highlighting the work of Ana, who I’ve been following on Instagram for a while now. Ana, who has an Instagram and blog with a main focus on fashion, works as a personal assistant in Portugal.

You can find her at and

IMG_6836 - Ana Novo.jpg

Let’s start with the basics, who are you? Where are you from?

My name is Ana and I’m from Portugal.

What is your favourite thing about yourself?

Ability to solve problems, very portuguese thing called “Desenrascar.”

What is one goal you have for the next year?

Get a job in London, the dream being fashion related of course.

What’s one way you’ve been challenged in the last year?

Starting a new job that has nothing to do with my field.


What is the main focus/topic of your social media?

Mainly fashion, I just love playing with clothes and mixing different styles and my Instagram is both a creative outlet and a way to keep me on my toes as it is a constant challenge.

What influenced you to start your Instagram and blog?

Needed a more creative space and since I’m extremely visual it looked like the better fit.

How have you improved the quality of your content since you began?

The quality of the pictures, getting more real and sharing more in the captions, being more myself.

What’s the best piece of advice you have gotten in regards to your account/s?

Don’t try to copy someone else, just post what matters to you.

What’s your advice for the solo traveller who still wants great shots of themselves on the road?

Tripod! Balance the camera on things!

If you could be anyone else in the world, who would you be and why?

Someone with the power to take Trump out of the White House.

What would be the ultimate end goal with your social media? Is there something you want to work towards?

With my Instagram, mostly inspire others to wear what they want and not be constantly thinking their thighs looking too big or their boobs too small. Clothes are supposed to be fun and speak for you.

What camera do you use?

Canon 60D or iPhone

What software do you use to edit your photos?


Where is your next travel destination?

Cies Islands

IMG_6138 - Ana Novo

Are you trying to spread a message with your social media? If so, what is it?

Don’t take yourself so seriously that you feel you have to fit in a box.

What destination is still on the top of your bucket list?

Too many! Greece, California, Vietnam…

What is one piece of advice you have for someone who wants to travel but is overwhelmed by the process of planning and choosing the right trip?

It’s always a little daunting having to plan trips and being worried something will go wrong, but after doing it once, the excitement you get and the sense of pride just grow and before you know it you’re booking trips for the whole family!

Your favourite destination for someone going through a breakup?

Either Bali or Cuba, people are the loveliest and the atmosphere is phenomenal.

What has been your favourite destination so far? Why?

New York and Cuba, different cultures but never felt more like myself.

Travelling solo or with friends?

Friends is always fun and adventurous, solo is when you truly find yourself.

Group tours or your own itinerary?

Your own! google and blogs are the best!

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