The Top Destinations for Geography Geeks

While we don’t have to know why the landforms are the way they are to be a geography geek, it does make it exciting when you can see the impact of processes, that can take millions of years, suddenly right in front of you. If you love your natural beauty, then have a read of some of the top places I’ve visited:


An obvious choice and still one of my top destinations for more than the landscape. However, what a landscape! Situated on two tectonic plates that are slowly tearing the country apart, the constant tectonic activity has created a unique land with beauty all year round. You can visit beautiful lava fields, blank sandy beaches with harsh waves, the Silfra fissure (best tasting water ever), natural geothermal pools and boulders rolling down the hill.


While I already knew about the beautiful limestone insta worthy Pammuakle, Turkeys natural beauty was a bit of a shock to me. The rock formations of Cappadocia include fairy chimneys, various caves (that you can sleep in) and the infamous love valley- something you’ll want to google for a giggle.

Scottish Highlands

One of the few times glaciation has been interesting; by seeing its results in Scotland. Everywhere you turn you’ll see gorgeous mountains and loch’s, including Nessie’s home. I don’t think there was a single bad view. Also the Isle of Skye, with its coastal formations and cute waterfalls lives up to its bucket list worthy status.


By know you must have realised I enjoy a good mountain view. I don’t enjoy the journey up AT ALL but the end results are always worth the struggle. Get out of Vienna or Salzburg and head to the mountains singing the Sound of Music and try to take it all in.


Crystal clear waters, beautiful grottos to explore at the right sea level and beautiful cliffs at every angle. Unfortunately you have to deal with pebble beaches but, if that’s the worst part of your day, you’re doing pretty good.


Beautiful coasts all around and a diverse landscape shaped by many processes over a long period of time; the UK is for more than just its culture and history. Think about the Peak District or the beautiful green south. On top of all of that you can stand in two hemispheres at once at the Greenwich meridian.

Now this is not all of the beautiful places around the world that would make s geography nerd go crazy, but they are the ones I’ve seen so far. Let me know in a comment below which places I should add to this list.

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