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Welcome to the new section of my blog where I highlight some of the talented creatives that I’ve followed from around the world. These fortnightly posts will highlight a small amount of the talent that is already out there, and hopefully promote more collaboration, rather than competition between creatives.

This week we’re highlighting the work of Shann (short for Shannon), who is a visual creator from Sydney. I’ve only recently gotten to see some of her content and was immediately impressed and then in awe of how well put together everything is, and how she is essentially all over the internet! You can find Shann’s work mainly focusing on travel, fashion and photography.

You can find her all over the internet on her website, Instagram and Youtube:

mt_cook - Shann Serrao

Is your social media your day job/side income or hobby? If a hobby, what do you for work?

It’s a side income-hobby hybrid at the moment. I just love sharing my style and my life with other people and getting social about it.

What is your favourite thing about yourself?

That I always strive for kindness.

What is one goal you have for the next year?

To move out of home! This bird has definitely outgrown the nest haha.

What’s one way you’ve been challenged in the last year?

Well I left the safety of my full-time job to pursue freelance and a life that I design, so naturally I was challenged by adjusting to an insecure income, no sick pay and no holiday pay.

What is the main focus/topic of your social media? 

The main topic of my Instagram is travel & fashion, I also have an account for my photography which is my main business and a YouTube channel for a mish mash of me.

What influenced you to start your page/blog/channel?

I’ve always been obsessed with taking photos, creating media and sharing it with the people in my life, so expanding to the world wide web just seemed like a no brainer.

How have you improved the quality of your content since you began?

I’m always learning and growing as a creative and it shows in my content. Since starting I’ve upgraded my equipment, the way I shoot, the way I edit, the way I dress, who I’m inspired by… the progression of my content is a reflection of the progression of who I am.

Who are some of your favourite Instagram accounts?

My favourite travel/lifestyle accounts are @travel_inhershoes, @leoniehanne, @_hollyt

Who are some of your favourite Bloggers?

Margaret Zhang, Not Jess Fashion, The Haute Pursuit

What’s the best piece of advice you have gotten in regards to your accounts?

Just keep creating.

What’s your advice for the solo traveller who still wants great shots of themselves on the road?

Get yourself a good tripod and a camera that has wifi or at least a wifi remote!

If you could be anyone else in the world, who would you be and why?

That’s such a tough question because we never truly know what other people have gone through or are going through but as a general idea I’d love to be someone who can spend a majority of their time exploring the world with the people they love and creating along the way.

What would be the ultimate end goal with your social media? Is there something you want to work towards?

I am working towards freedom, I’m hoping my social media can eventually get me the attention I need to grow my businesses and give me more time to explore and create and spend time with my favourite people.

Have you met anyone through your social media? How did that go about?

Yes! I’ve met a few bloggers through social media after following each other for a while and chatting, I’ve also met people by collaborating on projects! It’s great.

What camera do you use?

I use a 5D Mk III & am hoping to upgrade to the 1DX by end of next year.

What software do you use to edit your photos?

Lightroom and Photoshop.

Which accounts would you love to collaborate with?

Company wise I’d go with AirBnb or Canon. As for an individual, I’d love to collaborate with someone like Pia Muhlenbeck because she just seems so fun and down to earth.

Where is your next travel destination?


Are you trying to spread a message with your social media?

I try to send a message of support to other creators out there and just create different conversations about things that resonate with me, with my followers.

What destination is still on the top of your bucket list?


burano_saturaostudio - Shann Serrao

What is one piece of advice you have for someone who wants to travel but is overwhelmed by the process of planning and choosing the right trip.

Just pick a destination and go with it, TripAdvisor is so user friendly and once you know where you want to go, it’s easy to find the rest from there.

What has been your favourite destination so far? Why?

I used to think it was Iceland but for longevity I’d say Japan. Everything there just works, the people are so friendly, it’s not too expensive, the fashion is unreal, the scenery is magical, there’s nothing I could fault about it!

Travelling solo or with friends?

With friends, for sure.

Group tours or your own itinerary?

My own itinerary. I don’t often have as much time as I’d like on my trips so I like to make every minute count by packing in only my absolute must sees and dos haha.

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