My Favourite Hostels Around the World

When travelling, hostels have more advantages than just savings; solo travellers can be introduced to other travellers to explore with, cheap tours and drinks are regularly available, locations generally tend to be central and most have kitchen and laundry facilities to help with long term travel. Whilst you need to do your own research to see if each hostel is right for you, these are some great hostels I’ve stayed at so far, many of which I would consider staying at again.

Galaxy Pod Hostel- Reykjavik, Iceland

Pod’s are cool. That should be reasoning enough to stay here. Situated less than ten minutes’ walk from the centre of Reykjavik, this small hostel is worth a visit just for the beds. It is on the cheap side for Reykjavik but did sting a little more than other European cities. I stayed in a six-bed dorm with pods, although at the time of visiting they have one female and one mixed pod dorm in addition to regular rooms.

Once you’re inside your spacious pod, you can close the doors for privacy, have several chargers, a mirror (in the female rooms at least) and a light show for one. There’s a small kitchen, laundry services and a small lounge. I would recommend this hostel for any solo travellers wanting more privacy and great location on a budget (an Iceland budget anyway). I stayed here during my first trip abroad and everyone in my room was travelling solo, so we ended up exchanging tips and hanging out together.

Space Hotel- Melbourne, Australia

Before I moved to Melbourne, every time I would stay in the cbd I would end up at Space Hotel. Included is a cinema, huge kitchen, gym, lounge, rooftop and bar. I haven’t found it to be really helpful for solo travellers looking to make friends. But for groups and people happy with doing their own thing, this is great. Simple dorm and private rooms, FANTASTIC location right near Melbourne Central and the State Library.

Clink Hostel- London, UK

This is where I landed when I first moved to London, before I found a place to live and set off travelling first by myself. Set right near Kings Cross, this hostel is set in an old court house. The actual court rooms are now used as common areas, with little changed about the layout for a unique experience. I was in a 12 bed dorm, and only talked to a few other people as everyone was generally off doing their own thing. For location and something different, that’s cheaper than the popular Generator hostel, I’d recommend Clink.

Oriental Hostel- Istanbul, Turkey

Below is the view from the rooftop of this hostel- in CENTRAL Istanbul. In one direction you have views of the Blue Mosque, a quick five-minute walk away. In the other direction you can look over the water to the Asian side of Istanbul. The only thing that you would need to be mindful of is being so close to the centre of the city means being close to several speakers- making early calls to prayer a very loud wake up if you’re not used to it. After the first one I got used to it easily and would either fall back asleep after being woken up or luckily sleep through- but if you’re a light sleeper this something to take into consideration.

I booked this hostel last minute after a friend recommended it, and was so happy with my choice. Rooms included air con and the staff were really helpful. After enduring a 12-hour overnight bus ride all I could think about was a shower and nap. Thankfully, the lovely staff let me settle in before coming downstairs to finish check in, in addition to helping me out after a nasty fall.

For more on my trip to Turkey click HERE!

Wombats Hostel- Budapest, Hungary

Right near the ruin bars, Wombats has a reputation in Hostel chains for a reason. The rooms were really spacious- something I didn’t realise I needed after two weeks of travelling with little personal space. Whilst the location was pretty central, it still managed to be quiet for an early night’s sleep.

Wombats Hostel- Vienna, Austria

On a long layover in Vienna my friend and I decided to go with the tried and tested Wombats for a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, our check in included a free drink at the hostel bar, and little sleep was had. What I can say is the location was great, staff were super helpful, the bar was a great time and there were plenty of power points near each bed.

Kick Ass Hostel- Edinburgh, UK

Seeing a short distance from the city centre on a map, a friend’s recommendation and a cheap nightly rate was enough to book a few nights here before starting a tour of the Scottish Highlands. What a map didn’t show was the number of stairs needed to reach this hostel from the train station. However, once I got over my shortness of breath and deep exhaustion, I was really impressed with this hostel. Fitted with all the usual hostel goodies including a bar with daily activities and ample power points near each bed, the hostel also boasts several cute mural stickers along the walls and close proximity to cheap and pricier dinner options, a great view of Edinburgh Castle as well as a HARRY POTTER STORE!

Garden Cave Hostel- Cappadocia, Turkey

Imagine getting a room in peak tourist season for 10 EUROS. Now add your room built into a CAVE, with included breakfast, views of the beautiful rock formations of Cappadocia and fantastic service. Travelling on a budget, I was so impressed with this hostel, being one of two people to stay there, I ended up with a four-bed dorm to myself and ended up having the owner/manager offer to show me around and book cheap tours. I would absolutely recommend this hostel!

Beds n’ Drinks, Miami Beach, USA

Finding European-style hostels in the US is relatively rare but travelling on a budget was not going to allow me to afford a hotel or Airbnb for myself in Miami Beach. This hostel was close to the beach and main promenade, had all the usual functions, included breakfast but also had a decent bar that didn’t interrupt sleep for those that wanted it. If you are on a budget but still want to explore Miami Beach, I would highly recommend this hostel.

Have you stayed in a fantastic hostel that you’d recommend? Let me know!

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