When the Adventure Ends

A lot of the time I write about things I’ve learned from, or the benefits of travel, for which there are many. What I tend to stay away from is the aftermath of travelling, the negatives and also asking for advice.

For some, the comforts of home are something to look forward to, and for others the dread of going back to a routine is daunting. While I never moved ‘back home’ after my time living and travelling abroad, I moved to the same country I’m from, and actually closer to my family now in Melbourne, rather than where I grew up in Western Sydney. Even though Melbourne is a new adventure and I have so many exciting things coming up, I have struggled with getting into a routine and enjoying the, at times, mundane five day working week with less travel than I was used to when living in London. Sometimes, regardless of the things I’ve done and have planned, I feel like the big adventure is over.

Every now and again I find myself asking ‘what now?’ as if settling in one place, setting up new routines, growing my friendship groups and finding some sort of financial, health & social stability is not enough.

This is not a cry for help, or a complaint about my life. Rather, a call for advice; for myself, for my friends and for someone scrolling the internet in a situation that they sometimes question.

What do you do when the adventure ends?

How do you know what’s best for you now and in the future?

What’s your advice for someone who questions where they are at in their life?

Do you ever feel like something is missing?

What drives you to travel or move abroad?

Do you ever feel travel envy? How do you cope with this?

Do you ever feel that, despite all your achievements and travel goals accomplished, there’s still too much to see and do?

If you have answers to any of my questions or some advice to give, please comment below or EMAIL  me! I’d love to received and publish some advice from people from all around the world.

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