Tour review: Haggis Adventures 3 day ‘Skye High’

The basics:

  • Start/End: Edinburgh, UK
  • Duration: 3 days, 2 nights
  • Accommodation: 6 share dorm beds
  • Highlights: Eilean Donan Castle, Isle of Skye, Loch Ness, Highland cows & Glencoe


Anyone who has seen my pictures from my short trip to the Highlands has received my glowing recommendation of my Haggis trip, so now it’s your turn. As I was planning my last month in the UK before moving to Melbourne I thought about my ‘Bucket List’ items that could still be achieved; of those the only one I could reasonable do after not working for a month was the Isle of Skye. So, two weeks later I was in Edinburgh with little expectations waiting for a little yellow bus to pick me up.

From the moment our guide Sandy greeted us, everyone was keen to get moving. We had a fairly reserved, and small, group but Sandy took many chances to get to know every single one of us, share travel stories and continued to make sure everyone mingled. A few hours in, I had plenty to talk about and had a GoPro that was already struggling to stay alive thanks to being on almost constantly after about an hour of driving. Luckily each seat had a charging port, so there’s plenty of footage to go around. There’s one thing for sure though, you don’t sleep on a Highlands roadtrip, because there’s a big chance you’ll miss something!

After an hour or two the bus would stop at places like Eilean Donna Castle and cafes that let us feed some Highland cows or small towns to get a snack or two. But I found even the long drives enjoyable. When we weren’t listening to a playlist of Scottish music while staring out at the beautiful rolling hills, Sandy was giving us an animated rundown of Scottish Geology or History relevant to our stops. So by the time we stopped at Culloden Battlefield or the William Wallace monument, we felt more enthusiastic to see this history in real life. In addition to this, we also asked Sandy for some Harry Potter related stops, and he made a quick photo stop at the Jacobite Express, the train used as the Hogwarts Express in the movie.

Then came the hostel. If you are looking for a luxury tour, then you may have another opinion, but for a budget tour in dorm rooms; the hostel was filled with everything you needed; ensuite to every 6 bed dorm, cheap bar downstairs, home-cooked meals and lounge space to hang out. There was a five-day tour running at the same time that also stayed at our hostel in Fort Augustus, and together we had trivia organised for one night and a quiet night for the second. You had the option to pay for a cheap cooked meal with everyone at the hostel, or walk five minutes away for the chippy or pub. I chose both, one for each night, and enjoyed both. I also recommend walking around Fort Augustus at sunset or sunrise; not for any bright orange lights, but for a calming light blue toned sky looking over Loch Ness.


Overall, you could say I THOROUGHLY enjoyed my 3-day tour with Haggis Adventures. Anyone that has asked me about it has been given a glowing review, so it was only natural that I told the rest of the internet. If you have a short timeframe and/or a budget, this is the tour for you. Detailed, well-rounded and personalised. Also, Haggis Adventures if you read this, give that man a raise, or shout him some whiskey.





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