Tips for the nervous flyer

What do you do when you have crippling anxiety about flying and an insatiable thirst to explore the world? Go anyway. I love the feeling of booking flights, planning trips & escaping my usual routines. But that doesn’t mean I enjoy the journey from A-B in the air. I have a HUGE fear of falling- not heights. This means every little dip is a huge deal for me. However I refuse to let this stop me from seeing as much of the world as I can so over the years I’ve developed a few habits to help, maybe one or more might help you.

Flying playlist

Whether you need to relax, go to sleep, meditate or have angry rage music, have a music playlist dedicated solely to your flights. Music has such a big impact on my mood so I always put on a relaxing playlist when I’m feeling anxious about the upcoming flight.

Arrive early

Whether your fear is lateness or the flying itself, by having a smooth process getting to your seat you’ll feel more relaxed for the start of your trip.

Stay away from the crash documentaries

It would seem like a no-brainer, but the more you think sbout what could go wrong, the more stressed you’ll feel. Stay away from air crash investigation at least a day or two before your flight.

Where you sit matters

More than just getting off and your meals first, your seat can impact your inflight experience too. Generally most people with a fear of flying are advised to sit near the wings and the front.

The bigger plane, the better

I would NEVER fly in a small propeller plane conscious. This is because smaller planes generally feel turbulence more, even if they are going through the same air. That’s why I love long haul flights, as I generally feel less turbulence regardless of where on the plane I sit. When booking your flight, check the type of plane you are flying on and book accordingly!

Talk to someone you care about

I generally fly solo but I always message someone I care about before I board. Something as simple as “boarding now” and I feel calmer about getting onboard. If I’m feeling very anxious I might send someone I care about a short message letting them know that I care (which they would hopefully know already) JUST in case.

If all else fails, sleeping pills should do the job. I haven’t had to do this as of yet but I do recommend you speak to a doctor about your flight anxiety.

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