Alexandrea Travels

Welcome to the new section of my blog where I highlight some of the talented creatives that I’ve followed from around the world. These fortnightly posts will highlight a small amount of the talent that is already out there, and hopefully promote more collaboration, rather than competition between creatives.

This week we meet Alex, a fellow Melbournite (is that we say?), who reguarly features stunning pictures from her travels, particuarly from tropical areas.

You can find her on Instagram: @alexandreatravels
Let’s start with the basics, who are you? Where are you from?
I was born and am living in Melbourne, Australia
Is your social media your day job/side income or hobby? If a hobby, what do you for work?
My instagram at the moment is a hobby as I love photography and travel. I am just a normal 9-5 girl and I work in the health field.
What is your favourite thing about yourself?
This is a hard question! I guess it would be my silly side, I am always goofing around and sometimes have no filter and what I say can be quite funny or awkward!
What is one goal you have for the next year?
I really want to get my blog up! I have been putting it off for a while as writing is not one of my strengths but I need to really put my mind to it and get it done.
What’s one way you’ve been challenged in the last year? 
I think with photography for sure! I thought the minute I brought my camera I would be an instant photographer but the more I learn the more I realise there is so much I don’t know! It has been a good challenge though but at the start was also frustrating as I didn’t know why my photos weren’t turning out like I imagined!
What is the main focus/topic of your content?
My instagram is focused on traveling to tropical or “Summery” destinations and chasing the beach, sun and adventure! I love to find hidden places that people don’t know about and I also try to photograph places in a unique way as I am a big believer that everyone should find their own style in photography. I try to convey happy and hopeful emotions in my photography as I do work in quite a serious profession so Instagram for me is a creative outlet and a way to get in touch with the more light and happy sides of life! My aim is to capture the feelings behind wanderlust, wonder and awe that you feel when being in a beautiful country.
What influenced you to start your page/blog/channel?
I used to be a travel agent and I really loved being immersed in the travel field. So last year I found work was quite intense and I needed some kind of daily hobby or outlet and I thought about sharing my travel photos and engaging more with photography and it built in this way that I never imagined!
How have you improved the quality of your content since you began?
Yes for sure! When I started out I didn’t understand how to frame a photo as well as how to best capture lighting and the best times of the day to shoot. I have also learned about how important it is to follow some rules such as the “rule of thirds” which helps you to work out where to put your subject in a photo. I have been getting better as shooting in manual mode and adjusting settings including shutter speed and ISO. The next step for me will be videos as I am not so great as taking great videos and have no idea how to edit them!
Who or what inspires you the most?
I get most my inspiration from nature and the light. Nothing inspires me more than sunise and sunset and the pink glow that covers the scene in front of me. I always try to look at the beauty of the place I am in and the best photos come from me naturally enjoying the place I am in! I am also inspired by the instagram community as I follow so many talented photographers and travel bloggers. Also I can’t forget to mention by boyfriend Victor is one of my biggest inspirations and also helps create a lot of the photos.
Who are some of your favourite Instagram accounts?
@lisadanielle_, @life.with.three, @connieandluna, @mao.amore, @koleha and @saltyluxe, @lolahubner, @labelleenvie,, @emelinaah and @elise.cook.
Who are some of your favourite Bloggers?
I like following the blogging by @travel_inhershoes, I find she has a really interesting camera presence and is constantly going to new places so it is fun to watch.
What’s the best piece of advice you have gotten in regards to your account?
To have some time off sometimes. We all have a break from our 9-5 jobs but we then forget that having an travel account can also be work and we also need to take a break. I will do this when I am too busy at work or when I notice myself feeling not good enough with my photos. I feel a break away resets things and gives me motivation to continue. Also find a support network and make friends who are also blogging. So you can share the ups and downs of the journey and learn lots of tips from!
What’s your advice for the solo traveller who still wants great shots of themselves on the road?
This is a hard one as I often might have annual leave but no one to travel with me and so it is something I think about a lot! I would invest in a good tripod (cheap ones can drop your camera!). But also always think of safety first. I have traveled alone and it means I have had to miss some photo opportunities as I didn’t am not sure if I would hike alone in a forest or be walking around at 4am alone to a sunrise shoot. Always try to be safe. Instagram can connect you to other people so even trying to make friends in the destination you are going so you can shoot with each other or try to collaborate with aspiring photographers so you can be their models and you are both getting something from the arrangement.
image2 (1)
What’s one insecurity you have about yourself?
I fear social judgement too much and have a hard time sometimes putting a photo up or even writing a caption as I fear it won’t be good enough, funny enough or interesting enough!
What would be the ultimate end goal with your social media (again, please specify)? Is there something you want to work towards?
At the moment I am just enjoying the journey as initially I had no idea where my instagram would take me. I would love to collaborate more with hotels and destinations as well as fashion brands.
Have you met anyone through your social media? How did that go about?
Yes I have met a few girls. I have been lucky in that the interactions all went pretty well, I am still in touch regularly with two of the girls and will be collaborating with one over the next few months.
What camera do you use?
I use a Cannon 750D with an 18-135mm lens. It is an entry level DSLR and is a great and inexpensive camera to learn from.
Which account/s would you love to collaborate with?
I actually am happy to collaborate with anyone! I feel so lucky when people approach me and want to meet up or collaborate. I have a group of friends that I chat with on Instagram and we are hoping to one day go on a holiday together for a collaboration – would love to do this!
What is your top pick for a solo traveller on New Years?
It really depends on the person but being a solo traveler I would stay in a hostel where you can make friends and go out together. I stayed in a hostel in Bolivia where they had a party for new years eve and I had stayed there a few nights before so had made friends and so it was really fun. If hostels are not your thing I would say choosing a city where there a fireworks and celebrations so you can walk around and see the atmosphere and then stay at a hotel on a busy street so you don’t have to go far to get back!
Where is your next travel destination?
I am going to USA and Mexico early next year and planning a short trip to tropical north Queensland or even Tasmania.
Are you trying to spread a message with your social media? If so, what is it?
I am trying to show people that travel is possible for everyone and that you don’t always need to spend so much money to go away. I explore a lot of my own country and that is the ideal as lets face it, unless you are being paid to travel its so hard to be just holding on to your next holiday!
What destination is still on the top of your bucket list?
Ahh so many! Maldives, Burma, Flores, Seychelles, Oman, Namibia, Morocco, Colombia, Cuba and India.
What is one piece of advice you have for someone who wants to travel but is overwhelmed by the process of planning and choosing the right trip.
I totally get it as there are soo many options! There are so many places to go but I would always narrow down by thinking about what you really want to do and then looking at weather, price of flights and how much time you have. If you only have one week choosing a place that doesn’t have a lot of stops means you will be more relaxed when you are there. I guess just understanding that you have your whole life to travel and that you can’t do it all at once so just trying to think about what you really want to see now and if its possible with finances and time. And once you have that you can always go to a travel agent to book the parts for you.
What is your top travel hack?
Always have really good travel insurance. I used to work as a travel agent and heard so many horror stories of customers who didn’t buy travel insurance and were left stranded in emergencies or who had to pay thousands of dollars for medical bills. I always tell everyone to go for Covermore insurance its so comprehensive and the best for medical.
What is one thing you take with you on all of your travels?
I am that person that takes everything with me! But I would never go away without my travel journal. I love to write and reflect when I am away and I cannot do it without writing. Also it means I have a story of all my travels and so in 10 years I can go back and read and remember every detail!
What has been your favourite destination so far? Why?
I keep going back to Thailand ( I have been 4 times) so would have to say there. The people are so friendly, the food is amazing and it is soo easy and safe to travel around. Also the beaches and the views are incredible.
Travelling solo or with friends?
I have done a mix and at the moment I travel with my partner. I travel with friends if we are all on the same page otherwise it will mean lots of conflicts and issues when away and I don’t want that. I love to travel solo also as you meet so many people and it really is a great way to learn about yourself and get out of your comfort zone.
Group tours or your own itinerary?
I love to do my own thing. However I have had lots of travel experience and have also worked in the industry so I love to book and plan holidays. But if you are not confident to travel alone or don’t have time to book your own travel for sure group tours are great. When I first traveled I did a few group tours in Europe with my friends and it was so easy to not have to plan.

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