My Favourite Christmas Movies Right Now

If you ask anyone that knows me fairly well, they should tell you that ‘love’ doesn’t quite describe my feelings towards Christmas. Having now experienced two white Christmas’, I hopped back on the Christmas cheer this year and now have an appreciation for how Christmas is celebrated back home in Australia. Although there’s no Aussie Christmas movies that regularly make the rounds (feel free to correct me), last year saw a huge spike in the beautiful movie genre of Christmas movies available to stream and watch. So, having started the Christmas movie season early this year, i’ll list and describe my top ten favourite Christmas movies right now:

1. The Holiday
Unpopular opinion for the top spot. I get it, but at the same time will stand by the underrated rom-com/ Christmas movie. It has everything; multiple romances, a subtle nod to the meaning of christmas (crying scene anyone?), a white and summer Christmas, some life lessons and some adorable old people (is it just me that loves a good elder storyline?). Finally Netflix has gotten onboard and come December 7th in Australia, this one will be a constant on my tv.

2. Love Actually
The original, and best, multiple interweaving love story film. Almost every British actor that we know and love, an iconic Christmas song AND dance sequence, humour and heartbreak. I don’t really know why I feel the need to explain this one.

3. A Christmas Inheritance
The first Netflix film on the list. A new one that follows the tried and tested plot line; main character is lacks direction in their life, does some menial and unrealistic trip/task, learns the true meaning of Christmas, falls in love along the way, gets everything they ever wanted or should have wanted from the start. If that is a spoiler for you, you are not on the correct Christmas movie level and should fix that ASAP.

4. The Grinch
Before The Grinch became a constant meme for my attitude towards social interactions and life in general, I loved the wholesome and pessimistic-mix approach to Christmas. Who doesn’t love an anti-hero?

5. Home Alone 3
Before I get hate for preferring the non-Macauley Culkin Home Alone film, let me give you some back story. For some reason, the only Christmas video I remember having as a kid was number 3, so when I eventually saw 1 & 2 I didn’t quite get the hysteria. In my opinion, the stunts are more creative, there isn’t any leaving a child at home while you go away on a HOLIDAY (traumatic much?), it’s just a working family dealing with a sick child home alone. I hereby start my petition to bring Home Alone 3 to regular Christmas film programming, thankyou very much.

6. Elf
Before even posting this I had two complaints about Elf not being at the top of my list. I’m going to blame overplaying on this one. It’s a classic, has an underrated duet of a now super creepy Christmas song (but it’s so damn catchy?!) and a hilarious confrontation of the fake Santa’s out there. The pure Christmas joy from Buddy is essentially how my friends would describe me once December 1st rolls around.

7. A Christmas Prince
Arguably the non-blockbuster Christmas film that started the big Netflix/ streaming service focus on bringing us every Christmas film ever made trend that we have this year. It’s terrible and cringeworthy. But romantic and features the classic class/slight cultural differences and good ol’ life lessons (suck it creepy cousin no one remembers the name of). Usually one version of the same Christmas story is enough, but the people have wanted more, and I for one am super excited for the sequel to hit Netflix this week!

8. The Princess Switch
‘Parent Trap’ meets ‘A Christmas Prince.’

9. The Holiday Calendar
Although the whole falling for someone who has been there all along idea was obvious, and I was routing for the successful tall doctor instead, in the end I did enjoy this film. While I don’t think there was a great deal of chemistry, can we all get around the non-hyped diversity!

10. Santa Claus
Tim Allen playing Tim Allen, learning the true meaning of and saving Christmas. I could have chosen any of the sequels as well, it’s just a good time.

Special mention to The Christmas Chronicles cause that musical sequence gave me some very confused feelings towards Santa.

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