My Top 10 Shows to Stream Right Now

Recently I moved into a new place with a lovely housemate, who had just purchased and INCREDIBLE television with everything I could ever want on there (no Hulu or Amazon but everything else so take a deep breath). So naturally during my deep exhaustion phase, after my insanely past few weeks, I decided to acquaint myself with the new toy. And boy are there some great things available right now.

Disclaimer: This was written before December because if not, it would just be Christmas movies. Because Christmas is life. End of.

  1. Will & Grace Reboot

While I have probably watched most episodes of the old seasons, I was never too invested. However, the reboot has covered some big topics; death, betrayal, politics, heartbreak, starting over and so much more with ever better gags and one-liners than before. One of the few times the reboot is better than the original.

  1. Netflix Comedy Specials

Obvious Nanette is EVERYTHING. But also Trevor Noah, Chelsea Peretti, Ali Wong, John Mulaney, Jim Jefferies; even Adam Sandler’s special is great! If you want a laugh and are able to concentrate (i.e., life hasn’t worn you out too much today), the comedy specials on Netflix have something for every type of humour.

  1. The Good Place

Forget the disturbing Australian accents and focus on Janet. Just Janet alone is reason enough to love this show. Through in everyone’s favourite dad Ted Danson, existential questions and mind flips, ridiculous cameos and a joke every few seconds; and this is the show for you. Also hello more colour on screen. I like that no one has made a big deal about the main ensemble being fairly cultural diverse, but I’ll say a little yay in my corner of the internet.

  1. Dear White People

I’ll never understand why this show never got the media attention it deserved. One of the few times a film turned television series has a second original SERIES that is INCREDIBLE. The character development, the mystery, the tension, the design, the lessons. Slightly more woke white girl over here who loved this series for what it is. Not what the scared media made it out to be when it was first released. It’s heavy at times but one you start; you’ll be planted until the final credits. So get comfy!

  1. Atypical

So I spend most of my time on Netflix, have you noticed? I hadn’t heard much about the first season, but decided to try it out after the second was released. A day later I was two seasons down and filled with a tonne of emotions I was not ready to handle. Heart-warming, heartbreaking, hilarious, and at times ridiculous. In a world where some people would rather risk their child’s (and the children of those around) health to avoid the slight (but still not proven) chance that they could get autism from a vaccine, this is so refreshing. Normalising disabilities and regular families is important. Obviously not all people with autistic are as high functioning, but the fact that we can relate and watch a regular family deal with several situations on top of a child’s disability is so powerful.

  1. You Can’t Ask That

Stream on ABC and get all those questions you have always thought of answered by the people they concern. Think Indigenous peoples, Drag queens/kings, reality stars, priests, transgender people and more. Marginalised groups in Australian society who want to educate you on their existence, and hopefully how you can interact with them in a positive way. In Australia you can stream this on ABC I-view.

  1. Doctor Who

Um hello female doctor! I am all for Jodie Whitaker and her group of companions with Midlands accents. I’ve loved Doctor Who since school but was slowly losing interest until what seems like a small step has reinvented (for the better) a show I love. On top of a brilliant actor taking on an iconic role as the first female doctor, the storylines of the companions and each episode have been engaging and refreshing. The slow introductions of each companion’s backstories have had us all patiently wanting more. And the ‘Demons of the Punjab’ episode was one of those special episodes in Doctor who that incorporates all the usual fun with some history and beautiful, emotion storytelling.  In Australia you can catch up on ABC I-view.

  1. Dancing Queen

Dance Moms X one of the most popular Drag Queens around the world right now? HELL YES I watched this in one sitting. All the dancing and mum drama that you’d expect, without the borderline abuse that the ALDC ended up with. Cut that with the occasional Drag number and personal life of the man behind Alyssa Edwards, and you have a funny, emotional and entertaining show. Dancing Queen is on Netflix!

  1. The Trixie & Katya Show

Sorry, not sorry, more drag queens. In Australia stream on SBS on Demand for some short but ridiculous episodes of the Trixie & Katya show (featuring Bob the Drag Queen). Starting off with ‘Hooking Up’ as the first topic is sure to lead to some interesting gags and talking points, which are never too much for these comedy queens.

  1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Nothing new here. Just one of millions of people apart of the B99 hype at the moment. Yes, I just ordered a shirt that says ‘Amazing Detective/Human’ and I have no regrets. This show is hilarious, ridiculous, serious, diverse and easy to watch. Every time I watch an episode I pick up on a new joke. I want a petition for this show to never end. Thanks

Have I missed out on something that is life-changing? Or even just something that’s good to put on when you don’t want to think? Let me know!

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