The Post-Trip Glow Up

If you’ve ever done a group tour (Contiki, Gadventures, Topdeck, etc) or met people on extended trips; and then followed up on what they’ve been getting up to a few months later, you’ll probably notice a trend. It may not always have this name, but it’s a fairly accurate way to describe what happens to them after a long trip; a glow up.

For some it’s settling down with someone, a new job, a new style/ confident way of presenting oneself or even just a renewed enthusiasm for getting out and seeing their surroundings. After different trips I’ve experienced all of these (at some point) and I’ve seen many of my friends experience the same. After my South-East Asia trip, my first big trip in awhile, I actively sought more social activities, I started dating new people, I started to tick off more of my Melbourne bucket list, I changed up my routine, I even exercised voluntarily!

Maybe it’s the break in routine that we needed to remind us of what we want in our everyday life. Maybe it’s the people we meet and how their advice or own life experiences help shape our decisions in the months after a trip. Maybe it’s a coincidence and I’m reading way too far into something.

But while it has its flaws, can be frustrating and takes most of my money; travel has benefited mine and many of my friends’ lives in ways we don’t really know how to explain.

Too corny? Eh, I have my moments.

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