If you follow my Instagram (or the lack of action it’s had lately) you’ll know I recently started a new teaching position for the year. It’s a tough job, but is exactly what I’ve wanted to do (without realising) for some time. Because of the nature of the work, the idea of ‘self-care’ has been an important topic from my interview and continues today. So how can we have healthy self-care?

  1. Me time

Sometimes this means dinner, Netflix and an early night with nothing fun. We all need it and getting up after I’ve had a much needed 10 hour sleep is one of the best feelings.

  1. Have a drink/meal

I’m not saying regularly drink to get through the working week- it’s not healthy or cheap. My new team are great about having a drink or two at the end of the week, to either debrief or just have a chat and transition to non-school talk. It’s nice to have others around who understand exactly what you deal with every day. It’s not always about going to the pub either, just being social with someone who understands why you need to self-care.

  1. Have something to work towards

Whether it’s a project you chip away at a few times a week or a big trip you plan or research about when you’re free, have something that makes all the work worth it. Something not related to work. My little compost bin is my weekly project/baby that I’ll tell anyone that will listen about.

  1. Leave the work at work

This is my biggest form of self-care and sometimes surprises new colleagues when they see me leave my laptop at work most days. I know I need a separation between work and home in order to build that separation and function as a human outside of work. It doesn’t always work when reports, PLPs (Personal Learning Plans) or particularly busy times are happening, but even then I’d prefer to stay at work longer and get that work done, and leave knowing I’ve put in my best work.

  1. Be active!

I’ve substituted the tram and Ubers (mostly) for walking to and from my new job, so that I can get those endorphins and alone time to process my day before and after work. I get that I’m a lucky one within walking distance from work, but going for a walk after work isn’t a bad way to get out all that energy or stress from the work day to make sure you can enjoy the rest of your personal time.

How do you self-care?

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